The 10 Greatest April Fool’s Pranks You Have To Try This Year

Tired of always being on the ugly end of an office prank?  Switch to the offensive team this April Fool’s with these clever and harmless April Fool’s Day gags.

  1. The Switcheroo


I suggest a backup box of actual donuts as this prank can potentially cause serious unrest and harbored resentment amongst your colleagues.

  1. The Sensor Block


Variations of this classic prank include taping photos of Nicolas Cage and the Trollface meme to the underside of the mouse.

  1. The “Hey Girl”


Take advantage of the coworker who forgot to lock his computer at lunch and install a Google Chrome extension that changes all images on any webpage to photos of Ryan Gosling.

  1. The Googly-Eyed Office Supplies


Googly-eye packs usually come with about 100 pairs of eyes, so get creative!  Once you’ve covered a coworkers stapler, mouse, and filing cabinets, head over to the communal refrigerator and get sticking!

  1. The Escapee


The thought of this actually happening is truly terrifying.

  1. The “The Office”


The quintessential office prank–desktop item set in Jell-O–made famous in the Pilot episode of The Office.  This one takes a minor amount of prep work work, but is 100% worth it for the response.

  1. The Sticky Situation


If you’re feeling particularly gutsy, try this one out on your office supply manager.

  1. The Moat


Still a little bitter you’re stuck in the cube farm and not in an office?  This prank is a solid way to vent some frustration, but you may want to follow this one up with peace-offering donuts.

  1. The Christmas Gift

wrapped - 20090525_172443

But really, who DOESN’T love unwrapping presents?!

  1. The Bieber-Fever


Of all of the above, this has to be the most unsettling.