Top Ten Eats in San Jose

From food trucks to 50+ year old establishments, San Jose certainly has a restaurant to satisfy any craving you could possibly have. In no particular order, here’s our top ten places to get your fill.


  1. Falafel’s Drive-In

2301 Stevens Creek Blvd

Celebrate Falafel’s Drive In’s 50th year in business by treating yourself to a classic falafel–a pita sandwich filled with falafel balls (deep-fried chickpea heaven), lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, tahini sauce, topped with the restaurant’s famous hot sauce.

As seen on The Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, this classic middle eastern restaurant continues to serve up the same fresh dishes like tabbouleh and hummus as it did when its door first opened in 1966.

Burgers and fries round out the menu for less adventurous, but you’d be cheating yourself to miss out on a juicy steak-filled gyro or a sweet-crisp pocket of baklava.


(via yelp/Dean C)

  1. Cha Cha Sushi

547 W Capitol Expy

Move over free chips and salsa!  Cha Cha Sushi has COMPLIMENTARY mussel appetizers!  Who does that?! (Cha Cha does, actually)

Not only that, this popular sushi bar has an extensive menu of specialty rolls like you’ve never seen.  Whatever raw/cooked fish combos you can dream up, they’re already two steps ahead of you and it’s on the menu.

Customer favorite Brandon’s roll (pictured above) is a plateful of sushi heaven with mixed fish, cucumbers, unagi sauce, rice crackers and the whipped topping of Japan–spicy mayo.


  1. A Slice of New York

3443 Stevens Creek Blvd

If your pizza slice ideal is that it’s a little greasy and best eaten folded in half, then get yourself to A Slice of New York.

Walk in to the storefront on Stevens Creek and pick up a couple of slices of owner-recommended cheese to-go or order a full size from their NYC-inspired menu.  Can’t pick from the delicious line up?  Try customer favorite Munchie Lunchie–topped with pepperoni, chorizo and jalapeno so you KNOW it’s good.


  1. The City Fish

30 E Santa Clara St, Ste 140

There are few indulgences better in life than a perfectly done box of fish and chips and The City Fish dishes up the best plate going in all of San Jose.

Come for the generous portions of expertly battered and fried fish, but stay for the garlic fries and fresh oysters as far as the eye can see.  Check out The City Fish’s happy hour specials with cheap fish tacos and $1 oysters on the half shell.


(via yelp/John D)

  1. Freshly Baked Eatery

152 N 3rd St, Ste 101 (look for the red umbrellas)

Looking for a great fantastic deli downtown?  Freshly Baked Eatery has got you covered with classic sandwiches like you’ve never had before, thanks to their, well, freshly baked sourdough house loaf.

Freshly Baked Eatery is the perfect spot to stop in for a quick and cheap, but super tasty lunch.  Try the pastrami and turkey (pictured above), or if you need a hearty meal to hold you over to dinner, ask for the Special, which features their homemade-and-cooked-in-beer sausage.

(via yelp/Glenn L)


  1. Chez Sovan

923 Oakland Rd

If you haven’t tried Chez Sovan’s amok, you 100% have not lived.

The amok (steamed fish with curry and spices served in banana leaf, pictured above) is hands down the fan favorite at Chez Sovan.  This unassuming, lunch-only Cambodian restaurant serves up beautifully prepared fish curries and stir-fry noodles that you absolutely need in your life right now.


  1. Bill’s Cafe

1115 Willow St

Everyone needs a hearty brunch spot in their weekend eating repertoire and Bill’s ticks every omelette/french toast/scramble box you’re looking for.

The real stars of Bill’s Cafe breakfast/brunch are the Benedicts.  From the classic smoked salmon to the riskier crab cakes to the El Paso (think corned beef skillet meets traditional benedict), you’re sure to find a benedict for everyone in your brunch party.  Don’t forget to wash it all down with a chilled mimosa, or else, does it even really count as brunch?
(via yelp/Anita M)


  1. Sliders Burgers

1645 W San Carlos St

Buffalo wings?  Check.  Chilli cheese fries?  Check.  A selection of unusual meat choices for supremely tasty burgers and cheeseburgers?  Check and check–Sliders Burgers has you covered for a solid night of burger-ing.

From wild boar to elk to ostrich to good old fashioned beef, Sliders grinds all meat in house for the freshest burgers you’ve ever had from a diner-style restaurant.  Start by selection what meat you want as your burger base and add-on favorites like grilled mushrooms or avocado until you’ve crafted a burger that’s all your own.


(via yelp/Lily T)

  1. Milk & Wood

387 S 1st St

What’s that you say?  Thought you could only choose your toppings when you go out for fro-yo?  What madman would dare dream up customizable popsicles?

The awesome crazies at Milk & Wood, that’s who.  You pick your flavor of popsicle (green tea kit kat is unmissable), you pick a chocolate to drizzle, you pick your toppings (I see you there, Fruity Pebbles), and top it off with another drizzle of chocolate and/or condensed milk.  Your choice, your prerogative.


  1. Spartan Taco Truck

447 E William St

Located within walking/stumbling distance of SJSU, Spartan Taco Truck is the perfect spot to sate those late-night, finals-cramming munchies.

Don’t miss the $1 freshly fried chips and nacho fries–oh yes, you heard right–that’s all your favorite nacho toppings served on french fries.  Open from 9pm-3am, this food truck serves street-style tacos, burritos, nachos and offers a self-serve toppings bar–everything your midnight cravings could ever hope for.