15 Things We Love About Dads

  1. They kill spiders, often while screaming like a girl.
  1. They coach Little League and soccer and basketball with as much passion as if they were coaching in The Pros.
  1. Unending dad jokes.


  1. Rib-crushing bear hugs.
  1. Frozen pizza and Oreo dinners when mom’s away.
  1. Dads are real-life superheroes.


  1. They text us memes we saw two months ago on Reddit (but we still laugh as if it’s the first time we’ve seen it).
  1. We’ve heard their “big fish” stories a hundred times, but the size of the fish always changes–and one day we’ll tell our kids about grandpa’s fish story.
  1. They put up with a lot of weird things just to make their kids happy.


  1. Dads embarrass us at major life milestones, like our first touchdown, prom, and wedding speeches. It’s endearing and we love them for it!
  1. They love to make their kids laugh, even if it means self-inflicted, painful slapstick humor.
  1. Sometimes their rules don’t make sense, but we know it’s only because they love us.


  1. They make the best Santa Claus’s, even if we secretly figured out it was dad years ago.
  1. Dads have the “BBQ Sixth Sense”, which allows them to perfectly cook steak, hamburgers, chicken and hot dogs, all while holding a beer and talking about lawn maintenance.
  1. The thing we love most about dads is that they come in all shapes and sizes and scenarios.

Some dads are with us from birth. Some dads come into our lives a little bit later. And some dads we’ve already had to say goodbye to.

Sometimes we have two dads or uncles, grandpas, or friends who take care of us as if they were our dad.  Some dads are even doing it on their own.

Whatever your situation is this Father’s Day, take time to show your dad that you love him and appreciate all the little things he does for you and your family!  We love you, dads!