Monthly Archives: January 2017

A look back at Eastridge’s 2016

Looking back on 2016, we are so thankful to one very special person for making this year at Eastridge our best yet–and that person is YOU!!

You got your fiesta on for Cinco de Mayo and you running-manned/dabbed/danced like no one was watching with DJ Eternal every Friday night.

You came out to embrace your heritage at our Bayanihan Festival and you didn’t let a silly thing like age stop you from feeling fit and energized.

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You walked to show your support for ending cancer and you taught your kids the value of generosity by giving to Operation Gratitude.

You flooded our stores during the holiday season, sharing cookies and wishes with Santa and Mrs Claus, and donating so generously to Toys for Tots.  You made our tree lighting ceremony even more magical and let your pets in on the fun, too.

You partied, cupcake in hand, as we marked 45 years of being your favorite center for fashion, entertainment, food, and community.

So, thanks for being our favorite part of 2016!

We can’t wait to make 2017 great for you–we’ve got a fresh new year full of incredible new shopping experiences and even bigger celebrations of life, community, and culture.

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