US Memorial Day!

Memorial Day honors Americans who died serving their country. Instead of making it a somber reflection, people celebrate by enjoying the many freedoms that American servicemen and women perished protecting, such as freedom of speech, trial by jury, and protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

It is an excellent day for a backyard barbeque, a picnic or a chance to travel. All of these celebratory staples speak to the holiday’s true spirit.

Memorial Day Celebrations:

As on July 4th, more than 75% of American families plan to celebrate Memorial Day with a BBQ or picnic. It is a special time to spend with family and loved ones. Numerous sporting events also occur during this holiday. Since it’s a three-day weekend, many families go on short vacations visiting their relatives, camping in woods, partying on a beach or just heading to a National Park.

Memorial Day parades honoring those who served the battle are held in towns. The president holds a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C., and a national moment of remembrance occurs at 3pm Eastern Time.

Thousands of parade goers will wave small American flags, sing the National Anthem, and salute the soldiers as they march by. Old veterans will stand in the back with a tear in their eyes, remembering the ones they left behind.

Memorial Day also marks the unofficial first day of summer. Men and women wear their best summer whites. The smell of barbecue fills the air, as red, white, and blue drinks and foods are arranged on picnic tables. Fresh vegetables are grilled and hot dogs are a dime a dozen.

Memorial Day Party Theme Tips:

Enhance your Memorial Day celebration with these themes:

  • Kick off your Memorial Day BBQ with red, white and blue homemade party favors.
  • Instantly transform your backyard space into a festive scene by stringing dollar store streamers overhead. Your guests will love the airy, whimsical vibe. You can also use string lights to add some sparkle at twilight!
  • Set your picnic table with red place mats and blue and white tableware or you can also use dollar store streamers to make an incredibly cute tabletop design which goes apt with the festive mood!
  • Add festive fresh floral centerpieces.
  • Wrap your candles and party cups and make them patriotic.
  • Red, white and blue Popsicle or Cocktails blends perfectly with the patriotic spirit.

On this day show your American pride by waving flags, thanking those who have served, and remembering those who never made it home.