Featured Artists: July Open Space


Tshaka Campbell

Tshaka was one of the 100 monkeys (#37) and does poetry to help speed up the process. It was said that he spat up Ethiopia while getting drunk with Thoth and Jesus.  Once he read in a tabloid, that he and Crispus Attucks took the Underground Railroad to a house party in he Bronx and invented trap music.

Tshaka has authored three books entitled “TARMAN”, “MUTED WHISPERS”

and  “TUNNEL VISION with one more on the way entitled  “LETTERS TO MY DAUGHTER”.  He has 3 albums entitled “ONE” and “BLOODLINES” ; his most recent release “SKIN vol.1” is currently available for download on iTunes, bandcamp and various other digital stores.

Tshaka has collaborated on a number of musical projects in the House, Jazz and Blues genres as well as national commercials. 

He currently resides in California and continues to ask the world to listen different.

Tshakacampbellpoet.com |  www.naturalkink.com |  booking.tshaka@outlook.com 

See Tshaka at Open Space Eastridge on July 11th.


1 A.M.

1 A.M. is a young but experienced hip-hop artist coming out of Gilroy in California’s Bay Area. 1 A.M. has been making and producing her own hip-hop music since the young age of 17. Having 14 different projects out as of this year, 1 A.M.’s hip-hop seamlessly blends her raw, real life experiences with her worldview. 1 A.M. clearly sits within the realm of hip-hop, but at the same time never limits herself to only hip-hop influences. Her music is able to combine elements from various other genres in order to create her unique sound and convey her message.

Always willing to explore other artistic areas, 1 A.M. not only is a talented lyricist, but also makes her own beats. 1 A.M.’s independence cuts through all of the artistic expression of both her music and the art that accompanies it. Designing her own covers and producing all of her own music, 1 A.M.’s independence creates work that is very unified and particular to her as an artist: all of it flowing from herself from the lyrics, to the beats, to the order, to the cover, and to the very production of the project itself. With her combination of experience, artistic ability, and passion for songwriting, producing, and art in general, 1 A.M. is an artist that needs to be heard by anyone that appreciates raw authenticity and dedication. 

linktr.ee/its1amsomewhere  |  @its1amsomewhere

See 1 A.M. at Open Space Eastridge on July 25th.


OPEN SPACE at Eastridge

Open Space is NEW evening for creative expression. Hosted by Lorenz Dumuk, step on stage with your words, music, movement and art. Everyone is welcome!. #EastridgeArt

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday in 2018!
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Location: Community Wing (Lower Level JCPenney Courtyard)

-No Profanity
-Hateful or discriminatory behavior & actions will not be tolerated.
-You have the right to feel physically and mentally safe, supported and respected, as well as an obligation that others can feel the same.

See moments from previous open mic nights in the @EastridgeCenter Instagram highlights.