Women Who Lead: So She Slays Founders, Chauncey & Heather

Eastridge #WomenWhoLead Series

Chauncey & Heather

Founders of So She Slays 


What inspired you to begin So She Slays?

We started So She Slays because we wanted to provide a platform for a diverse group of women who are driven to have a space that would help support and empower them from the inside out.  We are focusing on empowering women in all aspects of their lives. We want to provide a voice for all women to share their experiences when they feel like they do not have a view. That would have an authentic and real voice in the challenges that women, especially women of color face in today’s society.  We aspired to be your best friend that can continuously challenge you to always be on top of your game and hear you out without judgment. 

What are some of the hardest challenges you both face as women of color?

We started this blog to have a safe open space for minorities to have a voice of the everyday struggles that we face without being judged.  As a minority woman, I often find the hardest challenge is being taken seriously or having to continually prove that I’m just as good as any male counterpart if not better.   We understand the difficulties of being in a workplace when you are the only one that looks like you in your company.  We are often pre-judged to be a particular stereotype, and if we don’t fill that specific “stereotype,” we are known as being ‘acceptable.’   

What strengths do you find in working with a group of like-minded women?

I find that we are all better together, that each person has the things that they are amazing at. When surrounded by like-minded women there is indeed nothing that can’t be accomplished. I love that we can rely on each other without hesitation. I know that they will always have my back and will inspire me to reach for a higher goal that at one point I thought was unachievable. 

Favorite ways to stay fit and healthy?

With my busy schedule, it’s essential for me to stay active with working out to keep my stress and anxiety down. I’m super into F45 a cross-training program that I just fell in love with plus I love eating my fruits and veggies. 
Self-care is highly relevant to us. We often forget as women that we need to take care of ourselves and focus being mentally and physically healthy. Sunday self-care is essential in my life. I take Sundays as a day to refresh and recharge. I work out, clean and do my best to stay away from working and be constantly surround by technology. I want to go into the following week with a fresh perspective.  

Keep Slayin,

So She Slays Team
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